Music to Christmas by!

As I said in my last post, writer’s block is a monkey on my back these days …. so I’m sharing some of last year’s Christmas thoughts. This time, it’s music – and these are still my favourites, so it’s still relevant. Ryan reminded me, after I posted this the first time, that I had forgotten a song I love – one that definitely deserves to be on my list of music to Christmas by. I’m sharing that one right now (before I forget again, because I’m Beth and I’d do that): “Bells Are Ringing” by Mary Chapin Carpenter. Another song that makes me cry, and my heart swell with a quiet Christmas joy.




As I’ve already said, I love Christmas music. I love dear old carols and modern favourites. I love it instrumental. I love it a capella. I love it warbled in the shower, hollered by kids,  and belted out by revellers. I love it spoken like poetry. All the same, some Christmas music has lost its lustre. Brenda Lee can stop rockin’ around all trees of any kind, forever. Nobody ever needs to cover “Last Christmas” again; Wham! did it right the first time. We don’t need any more mechanical phone-ins of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” either, complete with icky banter between the two singers at the end (although the old clip I just linked to has its charms). And Bob Geldof really needs to consider some alternative treatment to Band-Aids. The 1984 original is simply unbeatable. That moment when Bono wails “tonight, thank God it’s them instead of you”…

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